LEGO LUGBULK program for 2012 now open [News]

The LEGO Group created the LUGBULK program a couple of years ago to enable LEGO clubs and LUGs to purchase LEGO for use in collaborative displays. It’s a great opportunity to purchase large quantities of LEGO at much lower cost than Pick-a-Brick or BrickLink.

Here are the basic rules:

  • The LUG need min. 10 members (please tell us the member figure of your LUG)
  • The LUG need to feature at least 2 public displays a year (always the events from the previous year count so please send dates and links to pictures of your 2 biggest public events from 2011)
  • The LUG need to exist for at least 1 year (please tell us [TLG, not TBB. -ed] the founding date)
  • The LUG need to have an official website (please send us the link – Facebook, flicker or other social media WEB sites will not be accepted)
  • The LUG need to have at least a 1 page description of the LUG and the activities on the website (please send us the link to that page)
  • Send the Master Data Sheet and the list that you fulfill the above mentioned requirements to the LEGO LUGBULK Team at no later than the 15th of January 2012 (The required information need to be send by every LUG whether the LUG has already participated before in the program or not!)

Full details (including the templates mentioned above) should already have been distributed within your LUG, but if not, leave a comment here and we can send them to you, or you can contact TLG at the e-mail address above.

4 comments on “LEGO LUGBULK program for 2012 now open [News]

  1. willythefoo

    How much of a discount are the Lego elements? Is it by pound like at the Lego Store? By piece like on pick a brick? Is it maybe 10% cheaper… 50% cheaper? Just curious. I’m an AFOL but I live in a small town in Utah. I’m just curious how beneficial finding (or starting) a nearby LUG would be.

    Lego stuff is pretty expensive, but if it’s a pretty significant discount, I’m all in.


  2. Andrew Post author

    Pricing can’t be discussed publicly in any detail, but yes, it’s significant. The purpose of the program is to use the bricks to create large-scale displays, though, so it’s important not to think of it as an opportunity to expand your collection.

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