Win LEGO Super Hero minifigs early here on TBB + official contest deadline Nov 15

LEGO was kind enough to send us a pair of the LEGO Super Hero minifigs distributed exclusively at Comic-Con in San Diego earlier this year, and we’re going to give them away to two TBB readers. One reader gets Superman Batman, and another gets Green Lantern!

LEGO Superhero minifigs

To enter this raffle, just leave a comment on this post (tips on registering and commenting). In two weeks, on Monday, November 28, we’ll randomly select two people who left comments before 11:59 PM PST November 27.

Fine print: The raffle is open to TBB readers worldwide 18 years old and older. We’ll add to the fine print as people ask questions, but let’s keep it simple for now.

If you’d like to win all the 2012 LEGO Super Heroes: DC Universe sets, LEGO is also hosting a contest on

Enter the LEGO Super Heroes Challenge for a chance to win the Grand Prize, a trip to California to tour Warner Bros. Studios, WB Animation, and LEGOLAND California, and the complete 2012 LEGO Super Heroes: DC Universe collection. Plus get your work displayed online for other LEGO Super Heroes fans to admire.

Check out the website for more details.

369 comments on “Win LEGO Super Hero minifigs early here on TBB + official contest deadline Nov 15

  1. Azaghal

    @jasonwendling: Technically TLC’s already done LEGO Batman, but as the aftermarket prices on those are *nuts* a revival is most appreciated. Adding other heroes just makes it that much cooler.

    This raffle was a great idea, by the way.

  2. ghstpg

    @Azaghal: Indeed, I’ve just recently given up on hunting down a 7888 Tumbler due to completely outrageous aftermarket prices. At this point, I’m thoroughly convinced LEGO is a better investment than stocks or precious metals.

  3. battlegorilla

    Look, look! Look at how commenting I am! Commenting up a storm, am I! (Here, prizes, prizes, prizes…)

  4. muzzle

    DC Comics goodness! Thank you Lego, and thank you TBB for a chance to own arguably some of the coolest ABS plastic around!!!

  5. Ivano

    Been following this site for years. Love it. But had to search today where to register. Please put that and log in option at the top of the page.

  6. B-Tom

    Nice superhero theme going on here with the Daily Planet and now the contest. Can’t wait to see how the lego superhero sets look. They haven’t been previewed, have they?

  7. lego13maniac

    hohoho ! thanks a lot to provide such good figures ! I’m also trying to win one of them in 4 differents contest. Here is another chance to try to win one !
    Txx all and long life to the greatest lego blog ever !

  8. chrisgedrim

    My friend went to NYCC and snagged 2xGLs and 1xBatman… winning him a Superman would be awesome!

  9. tikirobot

    I am so excited for the Superhero sets…wish they would release them for Xmas…thanks for the awesome contest!

  10. The Railway Man

    I shall enter as well, I think.

    And pe668, that is a question without a real answer; the two have raced several times with any real conclusion, I think. Sorry I can’t give a more conclusive answer…

  11. Andhe

    @pe668: I assume that’s a joke, but gives me reason to comment (and tenter the raffle) so I’ll bite.

    Superman is faster than a speeding bullet/sound, Flash is as fast as light… (possibly).

  12. mack

    Must… have… Green… Lantern….

    @andhe: I think one time the flash went so fast he was able to travel backwards in time right? That would mean he must travel faster than light.

  13. Froggeh

    I’m assuming one comment per user is allowed? Cause if not I’m commenting on this once a day till the 27th :P

    I <3 Superman!!

    Ty tbb and good luck everyone!

  14. conradmonkey

    Thank you so much for allowing those that can not get to Comic Con a chance to get one of these amazing figures. I have been waiting for Superman for 20 years.

  15. veddegre

    These are pretty slick, I had no idea that LEGO was branching into the DC universe. My kids are going to be very excited.

  16. gt0163c

    I’m excited that Lego is bringing back the Superheros. There were some great older Batman sets and I’m hopeful for more!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. ReadWithMeaning

    This is me, Mezba from Readwithmeaning, leaving a comment. Here’s for Superman (or even Green Lantern!).

  18. mrblue

    always checked tbb daily, but never registered. how can I find a better chance? now I’m a registered user and who knows? maybe I’ll even be a lucky winner!
    have a nice lego day!

  19. mchestnut

    After following this site for about a year, I’ve finally been motivated to register. Now I just need the motivation to start uploading pictures of my MOCs once in a while…

  20. Tabman

    I’m shure Tabman will not win but he’s trying to offer the world (his world) a new “figurine”. Congratulations to the winners and good continuation to Brothers Brick and let’s build my brothers!

  21. DARSFoG

    Seeing as my chances as going down, I will still go for it anyways. While I have a batman fig from the previous sets (2006/2007). I wouldn’t mind a Green Lantern.

    Also, I just want to say that I LOVE you blog, and I come here often!

  22. Greyman7

    I think the first step is admitting you have a problem…Hi, my name is Greyman7 and I’m a superhero minifigahololic…

  23. SteamBrick

    This would make a great birthday present for me! Thanks for your blog – I look forward to getting your posts via RSS feed every day.

  24. Mudskipper

    Haha! I’M commenting! Oh – wait. You say that doesn’t necessarily mean anything? Ah. Bummer…

  25. Dufresne

    Between the time it took me to read the article and post this comment, the number of comments increased. That’s not a good sign for my chances, but what the heck!

  26. Sebeus

    I like the Batman figure more than superman or that green lantern guy actually :P
    Oh wait, actually they all look very cool


    Great Give-away & Great site GO BRO
    (I hate to creep but I love those Minifig’s TOO MUCH…….)

  28. GBCTom

    Finally pulled me out of extreme lurker mode… Ok I’ve commented, can I disappear back into the woodwork now? Until you have to mail me my prize anyway ;)

  29. Andrew Post author

    Glad to see the comment system is working as expected. ;-)

    One quick update: I had one of the superheroes wrong — should’ve been Batman, not Superman. My apologies!

  30. IOWPunkPoet

    “Holy acrylonitrile butadiene styrene Batman! A Lego Superheroes set! with our likenesses!”

    “Don’t get too excited young Dick, this could just be a fiendish trap set by the Riddler… And a life of crime has worn the Riddler’s moral fibre to a frayed strand, so we must beware!”

    I’m in on the comp! have a good day everyone!

  31. oin4lego

    I’d like to win the minifig but I think the “Daily Planet” MOC has the contest grand prize all wrapped up! Amazing!

  32. Iggins

    I visit this site every day and have for about a year now. This contest finally got me to register! lol

  33. captainsmog

    What? No MOC to build? No jury? It’s a joke?
    Wait… I may really have a chance to win a superhero minifig?!?
    I’m in! I’M IN! (Even if it’s a so tiny chance that you’ll need to watch it
    with an electronic microscope…)

  34. AK_brickster

    Ooh! Pick me! Pick me! (Wonder if you got enough Batman torsos if you could turn them into a medieval faction…)

  35. Super Robot Wars

    Thanks TBB for hosting the competition, you guys are awesome!
    Good luck in the contest everybody :).

  36. peterab

    Comment for raffle. BTW the post implies we should post on the other thread, you might want to edit it so it is clearer.

  37. dlehman1423

    Sounds Awesome… I love these new figures… especially since I wasn’t able to get the last series. (I was in my Lego dark ages)

  38. Legojerry

    Yes! I have the original Batman but I would really enjoy having the new one. Good luck to my fellow lego fans, for I know that the winners shall be grateful for this exclusive gift for Lego.

  39. toomtoom

    Words cannot express how much I am looking forward to that Batman :D (I came back to lego just after the last Batman line was discontinued and tiny sets were going for £100 plus on amazon!)

  40. vigarc

    Joey: “Who loses fifty seven coin tosses in a row? You know? Heads she wins, tails I lose!
    Wait a minute…”

    Chandler: ” Yes, Joe?”

    Joey: ” I forgot to pick up my dry cleaning!”

  41. stephan3321

    WOW it would be so awesome to win one of these figures! I’ve never won anything LEGO-like…

    Good luck everyone ^^

  42. jeffrey

    My five year old son would love these for Christmas. The Lego Batman game is his favorite thing ever. Thanks for the consideration! Great site!

  43. Mclaren

    This is my favorite site in the world wide world. Yes its awesome that its so awesome its on my front page every-time i turn on my browser, at home , at work and on the cell phone.

    I hope i can win one of these! :)

  44. Anubis Guerrero

    A dream come true, this site is awesome, TBB thanks for the opportunity to participate. I hope to win.

  45. MasterOdin

    Thanks for holding this contest! I know my son would love either of these figures. Good luck to everyone!

  46. LegoLars

    This is such a cool contest! I hope I win, because Germany was too far away from ComiCon to go there this year.

  47. JimmytheJ

    Count me in! I’d love to get my hands on these guys… If it’s cool, I’d like it be known I’d prefer the Green Lantern, since I’ve already got a batman fig, and Lantern gives me ideas…

  48. opsmason

    One of these figs would make a great stocking stuffer for my son … unless it ends up on my desk at work!

  49. WetWired

    I’ve love these, I can remember making custom batman and superman minifigs when I was about 12, cutting up an old black vinyl pencil case and blu tacking little triangles for ears on a black spaceman helmet and a black cape. I think I had piece of red cloth for supermans cape.

  50. theamazinggeno

    The brothers brick is now even more awesome. I didn’t think it was possible to be this great, but some how you manage it.

  51. Legomatt

    Loooooong time lurker, first time poster. Always astonished, delighted, and amazed by the inspiring MOCs and talented designers always displayed here. Hoping for a little bit of first time posting-beginners luck to win a Batman. Super Heroes, Unite! :o)

  52. imac

    Hello! One of those would be very nice thank you. BTW we definitely need an official Adam West Batman and Batmobile.

    Thanks for running the competition.

  53. HulkyKrow

    I’ve been an avid lego collector and builder since childhood, and this sounds like a great contest! Hope I win, and good luck to the other contestants!

  54. legofiend

    hi saw i could win just signed up looks cool but i probably wont win i have no luck but it would be cool if i did thanks for considering

  55. koffiemoc

    I’m looking forward to the clash of Catwoman against Fabucat!
    Finally a renewed chance to get her and her purple bike.
    And to get a lovely Super spit curl.

  56. pseudonymous

    Last minute entry, hope I win! By the way, I love your blog. Thanks for making this an enjoyable site!

  57. motorcyclepunk

    Love the site. Thank you to all those MOCers for their builds and inspiration. You folks are dragging me out of the dark ages. I have so much to learn and and much bricks to accumulate! =( A superhero minifig will be a good start!

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