Amazing Lego Sidewalk Art

Ok, it’s the street, but it’s still some amazing chalk work.


There’s some speculation that this may be related to the giant Lego minifig that recently washed up in Florida.

Thanks to Tom Hohman for the heads up.

UPDATE (Nov 9): Artist Leon Keer has posted complete photos of his chalk art effort on Flickr (I’ve replaced the unsourced photo above with one of his). And here’s the finished artwork, evocative of Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s terracotta army:


4 comments on “Amazing Lego Sidewalk Art

  1. Andrew

    Okay, my assumption that the big minifig was a publicity stunt for LEGOLAND Florida appears to have been unfounded. Still a publicity stunt, though.

    Awesome chalk art.

  2. Stoneway81511

    This is amazing. I first thought it was fake, but I saw this event on thenews so I had to take a couple looks to confirm the realness.

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