Series 5 Collectible Minifigures shipping from LEGO [News]

The LEGO Shop online has just posted their ordering page for LEGO Minifigures Series 5.icon



As usual, you’re limited to 16 minifigs, and you don’t get to stand in the store aisle and feel them through the bags, but it’s a guaranteed way to get your hands on these right away.

UPDATE: Jason Junker has posted a handy guide to identifying Series 5 minifigs by touch.

15 comments on “Series 5 Collectible Minifigures shipping from LEGO [News]

  1. Guss

    As usual , not available in Switzerland :/ we always have access to new set later here ,that’s quite boring

  2. Nadrojj

    I ordered 14 off of Toys R Us, here are my results

    4. Gaurds
    3. Clowns
    2. Dwarves
    1. boxer
    1. snowboarder
    1. cleopatra
    1. cavewoman
    1. fisherman

    So as you can tell not really an ideal haul. I was really hoping for a dinoman and an gladiator. My local TRU has had them “on the truck” since last Wednesday and said they’d call me when they came off.

    Not sure if anyone is interested, I’d like to trade 2 clowns and 2 guards for any of the 8 I don’t have.

  3. mattdwen

    They came out here in New Zealand about a week ago. No sign of marker dots though. Got a couple of double ups, just need Sherlock, the gangster and the clown :)

  4. Ness

    They were at my local LEGO store. I got all 4 ones I wanted, minus the clown. I got a Snowboarder instead. 4 out of 8 that my brother bought were Fitness Girls.

  5. manfromporlock

    It’s been my experience that the dot codes aren’t 100% accurate. Whether it’s a matter of them not being pronounced enough, tough to see, or getting jostled about and messed up in shipment, but I’ve found that it’s far more accurate to spend a little bit of effort with the bags to feel the pieces. It’s not hard to find the Egyptian lady’s bottom half or short legs for a clown or dwarf and it’s well worth the effort.

    Sorry, but dot codes are a really hard sell to me. I think they result in a lot of false positives and they ultimately aren’t that helpful.

  6. Daedalus

    I agree, the dots are far less reliable than feeling parts. But, when you’re sifting through a lot of figs, the dots can at least narrow down the pile you have to feel through.

  7. BluntDiplomat

    I must concur about the dot codes – they’re very unreliable, and some minifigures feature different dot codes. I found two different dot codes for the detective and cavewoman minifigures. Feeling the bags are still your best bet, and I was pleasantly surprised how relatively easy it was to decipher the accessories and headgear.

    I am lucky to live near a Lego store with a very helpful staff, and they helped me find all 16 minifigures. They also told me that the evil dwarf and gladiator were the rarest and most elusive of this series: at most, there’s two each of the gladiator and the evil dwarf per box. I also had a hard time locating the gangster. I did run across lots of boxers, snowboarders, palace guards, fitness instructors, detectives, and zookeepers. I can rest easy until the New Years when Series 6 comes out.

  8. Ness

    I want a Clown…
    The only time that I will use the dot codes is for a Series 3 Samurai. I thought I felt the hat, but I felt Hula Girl Hair…

  9. Andrew Post author

    I’ve made a point of trying every single identification method, and so far, the best one I’ve found is to get yourself to a LEGO Store and ask one of the employees for help. :-)

    Zach at the Bellevue LEGO Store today had a full set for me in about 10 minutes (a time that included several distractions from non-AFOL customers). Most of that was going through duplicates — he could identify a fig in about 5 seconds. Impressive…

  10. Andrew Post author

    On an unrelated note, it’s up to each of you individually if you want to trade figs and share your contact info via the comments here, but it’s not something we recommend, strangers bein’ strangers & all. Just sayin’.

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