Lego milling machine

Arthur Sacek developed a milling machine made using only Lego parts and a drill. The video shows the machine sculpting a 3D face from a block of floral foam.

Thanks for the tip aabbee 150!

5 comments on “Lego milling machine

  1. Daedalus

    :O That’s pretty impressive. The reveal was nice. Can’t wait to see the how-its-done video!

  2. Solo

    That’s really cool and beautifully designed, but I’m annoyed that the video title refers to it as a “3D Printer”. Unless there’s another configuration where it actually functions as a 3D printer, it’s just a 3 axis mill. It’s impressive enough for what it is so why bother pitching it as something else?

  3. Creative Anarchy

    I wasn’t impressed even before he blew the shavings off, then I was dumbfounded. I would never have guessed that lego was capable of that kind of precision work

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