Angel of the Dawn

This medieval keep has a rugged functional beauty to it and I like it. It has just the right amount of detail on the walls, which keeps it from suffering from “Big Grey Wall Syndrome”, but LegoLord didn’t go overboard with the fancy bits either. Everything in moderation, dear readers, and you end up with a very nicely constructed castle like this one.

Dawn Angel Keep

2 comments on “Angel of the Dawn

  1. legodado

    I love this. My son and I went through a lot of these on the Flickr account and we had a great time. Thanks for sharing! Truly some amazing stuff.

    I hope someday we’ll get to that level. As of right now we’re about this good:

    This was our Power Ranger station. I’d love any suggestions you have to help us get bigger and better. We’ve done a lot of pick-a-brick, but it gets so expensive so fast. How do these builders get a hold of so many brick elements?

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