BrickFair 2011 walkthrough video

Here is a video I took of BrickFair 2011. I’m not the best tour guide, but hopefully this will give you a sense of what the convention looks like if you couldn’t make it.

6 comments on “BrickFair 2011 walkthrough video

  1. Creative Anarchy

    That is so awesome. Possibly one of the coolest things I’ve seen on BrosBrick. I have no exposure to brick conventions outside of Brick Con so the contrast and simularity in other displays is amazing to look at. Thankyou so much for taking the time to walk through Nannan.

  2. leggomason

    An MOC that appears at the very end of the video won the sculpture category award. The word PITTSBURGH, written in black letters on a yellow background evoked emotions ranging across the spectrum from disgust to amusement to enthusiasm. As viewers overcame the view from a distance, read the description and examined the MOC more closely, they learned that while the city may be closely associated with the Steelers football team, there is so much more to the character of this city. Those who got past their initial reaction and ventured closer were able to see a timeline of recent history which involves the transition of a filthy industrial city to one with a thriving green economy based on computers, medicine and universities. This transition was depicted by microscale buildings along the top of the sign which was incorporated into a suspension bridge. Because the city occurs at the confluence of two rivers, there are many yellow bridges in the real city but this structure was intended to bridge the gap between perception and reality for those who were willing to take a closer look.

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