Barad-dûr, the dark tower

Kevin Walter‘s 5’ 9″ tall creation of Sauron’s fortress from Lord of the Rings caught many people’s attention at Brickworld last weekend. The builder estimates about 50,000 pieces that went into the build, and those who attended the convention may remember Kevin assembling just about all those parts on site following the shipping fiasco. Luckily he had many beer and friends to keep him company.

4 comments on “Barad-dûr, the dark tower

  1. Halliwell.tyler

    Go Kevin! This was definitely the highlight of the Mocpages display. Nice work.

  2. Morgan19

    After the Burrow and Rapture, I admit to being a little disappointed that the title of this story wasn’t “Welcome to Barad-dûr”. =P

  3. Dave

    I’d use Kevin’s Brickworld 2011 tag-line here, but it’s not appropriate for use on a public forum. So instead, I’ll just say nice work. We’re taking up a collection to bring Kevin back next year because he is so awesome!

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