BrickExpo 2011 is nearly upon us

An update for those hoping to attend Brick Expo 2011 in Canberra (August 6-7 2011).

Exhibitor space at Brick Expo 2011 is almost full. If you’re a late starter and still wanting to exhibit you need to make contact immediately. This year there will be a number of special events including a VIP Cocktail Party.

Special guests speakers including Ryan McNaught (Australia’s LEGO Certified Professional) and Jamie Berard (Senior Designer at LEGO Billund).

Brick Expo is held during the 1st weekend of August in Canberra Australia.

For all the details visit the website

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  1. Tomxaros48

    Hi there1 This is my first comment here :-) Reading about this Brickexpo made me wonder, is there somewhere on the internet a list of all these kind of brick events?
    I sure hope so, because i’d like to know if there are any close to where i live.

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