“...it stayed for many years, until, whoosh, it’s gone.”

For those of you who might be curious, Tanis is located along the tributaries of the Nile in Lower Egypt. It was the political capital of Egypt between the 20th and 22nd dynasties (though a few rivals popped up here and there). Its primary dieties included Amun, his consort Mut, and their child Khonsu. It was abandoned somewhere around the 6th century.

Sheshonq I inhabited Tanis in the later part of the 22nd dynasty, and some of our readers may be more familiar with him by the name Shishak. Most scholars agree that these two are one in the same, based on hieroglyphics left in Karnak. The military campaigns, though, were in different areas, so there is some debate.

This particular pharoah gets a big-screen mention in some film with Harrison Ford.

Daniel (K3GM) has created an amazing representation of Tanis, Sheshonq, and the procession of the Ark to a hiding place there. His creation is just dripping in detail. I’m just amazed at the detail in the throne room, and the Ark is just….shiny. Glorious.

Go check it out. Seriously.

3 comments on ““...it stayed for many years, until, whoosh, it’s gone.”

  1. Sarah

    “Consumed by the desert” is what happened to Tanis. Awesome MOC thanks for sharing this. I would have missed it since I don’t go to the MOC pages often enough.

  2. Josh

    @Sarah – It was only “consumed by the desert” in Raiders of the Lost Ark. In reality, it was threatened with flooding and everyone relocated.

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