Bricks Helping Japan – LEGO Charity Auctions Update

Several of our auctions of donated LEGO creations are ending in just a few hours! Remember, all proceeds go to the Red Cross, so please bid liberally, and feel free to spread the word! As a reminder, here’s the full explanation of this charity LEGO auction effort. Here are the creations that are ending today:

Power Miners podracer: pod front

DoubleDee Titan Red Remix

Creations for Charity - Micro Steampunk Custom Set

I can’t link to a photo of the last one, which is a delicious looking set of LEGO Cupcakes!

Also, don’t forget to check out all the other on-going auctions to help the Red Cross in their efforts to help the victims of the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan and the Pacific Rim. I listed several new auctions today and yesterday, including some fantastic LEGO creations and several pieces of original LEGO comic art by Greg Hyland! All of the pieces by Greg have been published, whether on, in LEGO BrickMaster Magazine, or Star Wars Insider Magazine.

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