Lego in the style of Dr. Seuss

Tyler Clites adds a flair of Dr. Seuss in this colorful creation, which supposedly cleans up your Lego mess and sorts your bricks by color (my favorite method). This is a perfect example of making a great creation that has multiple basic colors.

UPDATE: wondering where that Lego mess came from? Check out what Alex Eylar built in response.

4 comments on “Lego in the style of Dr. Seuss

  1. Creative Anarchy

    That fall of bricks going into the hopper is pretty awesome. I’m not such a fan of Suess design but it’s easy to see that you nailed it. All of the curved edges and distorted proportions are tough to manage with lego, great work.

  2. ale8oneboy

    That’s awesome! Very Dr. Seuss. It also reminds me of an episode of Rocko’s Modern Life where Rocko buys a Suck-O-Matic vacuum cleaner that develops a mind of it’s own. Good times, childhood memories. Thanks for your creation!

  3. kcotton

    A few months ago, I was reading The Cat in the Hat to my 2 year old, and thought to myself when The Cat came in with his cleaning machine, “This would be awesome in LEGO.” Here it is. And it’s awesome.

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