Something Completely Different

A little something cute by Moritz (Nolnet) to balance yesterday’s nightmare clown. It looks like he’s working on a series of these. I dig it, and not just because I’m holding a cute baby while I write this.

Power Minors Pebbles Plow

Ok, so maybe I have cuteness on the brain…

2 comments on “Something Completely Different

  1. Creative Anarchy

    Yeah I’ve seen a few of Nolent’s creations as well as a host of other neat Power Miner’s MoCs lately. I’m kind of disappointed that Lego made that them more about the fight between the Miners and the Crystal beasts. I think that shark jump was what killed the appeal of the line. There’s much to be admired in cool looking fantastical work machines and there’s a lot of good play available in a theme about mining.

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