Interview with Mike Doyle

Marcos Bessa interviewed Mike Doyle, the builder who recently created the abandoned Victorian house. Ever since seeing Mike’s masterpiece I’ve wanted to interview him to learn how a new member of the AFOL community can create such stunning works. The interview by Marcos answers my question and provides further insight into Mike’s design process and more. I highly recommend this great read.

2 comments on “Interview with Mike Doyle

  1. keith_goldman

    Maybe it’s just me, but the model looks more impressive in the shot with Mike Doyle. Nice interview by Marcos as well, although you forgot to mention his cool beard. The hobby can always use a new great builder with a cool beard.

  2. eilonwy77

    The picture with Mike in it shows just how immense of a model it is. He said he needed it to be large in order to get the level of detail in it that he wanted. It makes me wonder about how much we might be limited by trying to keep things to minifig scale.

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