Brickvention 2011 in Melbourne: Jan 14-16 (reminder)

Just a reminder to those in Australia that Brickvention 2011 will be held in under two weeks so if you’re planning to register as a full participant best get in quick. The public day requires no registration but for an AFOL I strongly recommend being there for all days.

Full details can be found on TBB or at the Brickvention website but the short of it is as follows:

  • Dates: 14-16 January (14-15 full participants only, 16 public day)
  • Venue: Melbourne Town Hall, corner of Swanston and Collins Streets Melbourne Victoria.
  • Cost: Full attendance – $50 for Full registration (over 15), $25 for under 15 registration, Public day – $6 Adults, $3 Children, $15 Family (2 Adults, 2 Children)

This year will be the fifth event and my third and I’ve had a great time each time. I highly advise all Aussie fans and especially those in and around Melbourne to come along.

And taking advantage of bloggers privilege I’ve included a preview shot of a collaborative layout between Mike Pianta (scruffulous) and me. If you come along on Friday you might even get to see me crying at the damage done by the Qantas baggage handlers.
Brickvention Teaser

1 comment on “Brickvention 2011 in Melbourne: Jan 14-16 (reminder)

  1. DamienPS

    Tim is correct in saying that Brickvention is great fun. I have been to all of them so far. I have paid my fees for this years already.

    I’m driving myself mad building the new Tower Bridge set to display.

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