This won’t hurt a bit

Why is it that doctors and nurses think that is going to help? Sean Ragan embraces the needle with this exceptional build. The thing gives me the creeps just looking at it. Roll up your sleeve. This won’t hurt a bit.

LEGO syringe

7 comments on “This won’t hurt a bit

  1. legomaniacman

    im not scared of getting shots, but this gives me goosebumps. Looks easy to make, just don’t have the clear 2×4 plate

  2. porschecm2

    Clever, clever use of the chrome antenna for the tip. It really blends in, and looks transparent like the rest of it.

  3. Josh Post author

    The builder intended this to be blood. In a message to the site, he specifically said that it was oozing blood.

    Heroin is generally brown, although it can be other colors depending on what other drugs are mixed in.

  4. MV

    When someone shoots Heroin, they first draw blood into the syringe to mix with the substance before plunging it, to make sure they hit a vein.

    And by the time heroin makes it to the street corner, it’s white, not brown ;)

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