Custom DC Comics superheroes

Julian Fong (levork) has made a set of nine DC Comics superheroes for Creations for Charity. Each features custom-designed waterslide decals and an acrylic finish. They’re one-of-a-kind minifigs whose quality is among the best I’ve seen. You can check out more of Julian’s works on Flickr.

UPDATE: They’re all sold out!

2 comments on “Custom DC Comics superheroes

  1. Will Will

    … these … I’ve been waiting 20 years for figures that look like these. I wish LEGO would/could license the DC line. I’d even forgive planet earth for not having jet-packs in the year 2010 if these were a reality… sigh…

  2. Daedalus

    Wow, someone bought Aquaman, huh? That’s dedication.

    Seriously, these are amazing. I’d say levork has a budding business here.

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