Bricklink founder Daniel Jezek has passed away [News]

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Today we received the unfortunate news that Dan Jezek, the owner and founder of Bricklink has passed away. He had such a profound impact on this hobby, it hard to even consider. It is quite possible that there is no other person who has affected the Adult Lego Fan community as much as he did. The hobby would be much the same if any of the other fan sites had never existed (including this one), but the hobby would be a very different one if Bricklink had never been. We owe Dan an enormous debt of gratitude.

Here is the release from Bricklink:

We regret to announce the sudden and unexpected passing of Dan Jezek, owner and founder of Dan will be greatly missed by all of his family and many friends at Bricklink and around the world. A memorial fund is being set up and will be announced at a later date. If you wish to send condolences, you may do so via e-mail to condolences (at) and they will be passed on to his family.

The website will continue under the ownership of the Jezek family. Eric Smith, owner of Northstar Computer Systems, will act as BrickLink Administrator. Northstar has been the host for BrickLink for the past decade. The current BrickLink moderators for the various aspects of the site are all continuing in their roles. Troy Ceferatti is resuming his role as Community Overseer.

The site will continue operating without interruption and all Bricklink users – buyers and sellers – can be reassured that the policies and fee structures will remain as before. Please remember Dan in your thoughts and prayers.

Please visit his memorial page here

Eric Smith Administrator

Our condolences go out to the Jezek family. Many thanks to Troy Ceferatti for posting this news.

13 comments on “Bricklink founder Daniel Jezek has passed away [News]

  1. gavinhunter06

    Such a powerful and revolutionary impact! You made a huge difference in my life. Thank you! Rest in peace good friend…

  2. Kaitimar

    My condolences to the family. Bricklink is a living monument ti Dan, one that is visited by thousands daily.

  3. tedward

    One of few individuals about whom it may be said that his contribution profoundly effected the entire community.

  4. Catsy

    One of few individuals about whom it may be said that his contribution profoundly effected the entire community.

    No exaggeration this. I don’t think it’s hyperbolic to venture that many of this community’s greatest builds over the years–and the collections that enabled them–simply would not exist without Bricklink.

    RIP. My heart goes out to his family.


    Very Sad news.

    Thanks to Dan and the wonderful site he created I have started to build with lego again after a thirty year absence
    I have had many a preasurable hour browsing and buying from Bricklink

    RIP. DAN Thank you for relighting my love for Lego

  6. MdrnMrvls

    Both times I used BrickLink, I had zero complaints. Thanks for bringing along such a dynamic component to our hobby, Dan. It has benefited thousands, and we thank you for that.

    Rest in piece.

  7. Brickule

    My thoughts go with his Family. Bricklink is such a wonderfull website, the way it is organized, and the way it works is great, I can’t imagine any other way to do it. Thanks Daniel, we’ll miss ya.

  8. Magnus

    You know, there are many many brilliant builders out there whose MOCs always amaze me. I never cease to be floored by what some people build. Dan Jezek envisioned something completely different – something in fact so useful, integral to our building that it’s become part of everyday building for many of us. I’ve come to take BL completely for granted, and now may be a good time to take a moment to be grateful for the things we often forget we didn’t always have.

    It’s hard to imagine and remember how we got by without it for so long, it’s kind of like trying to remember how we got by without cell phones. I never knew Dan, but there’s no doubt of his staggering contribution to the building community.

    And to for any family to someone so young is really just heartbreaking. I don’t really know what else to say.

  9. gray.ligon

    Dan gave us parts, parts and more parts just when we needed them, and most of us did not even know his name. BL is an amazing gift he created and managed for all of us…bringing the world together with just a click.

    He will continue to live on in our minds each time we open BL. That is quite a legacy for someone so young. As a mother, I dream that my son can give the world such a gift, too.

    In their time of overwhelming grief, his family should know that thousands of us join them in sharing their sadness and can only thank them for the positive impact Dan has had on our world.

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