New survey from LEGO:

TLG have a new survey which they’d love you all to complete. Ignore the ‘Kids Inner Circle’ branding. It is for adults.

And to prove they do compile the data here is a brief summary of the last survey

  • The survey was completed by 7.911 AFOLs and TFOLs. 35% of respondents were TFOLs, 65% was AFOLs. The number of respondent continues to grow and the difference between teenagers and adults has shifted by 5% in favor of the teenagers from the last survey results.
  • In this survey we asked some questions specifically about the use of smart phones. We found that only 33% of the all respondents use one, of those only 19% of the teenage fans use one while 41% of the adults use one.
  • Regarding the preferred operating system, Apple was the highest with 49% followed by Android with 16%.
  • When asked about interest in interacting with LEGO Customer service, 33% said you preferred not to. Of those that would like to interact, 53% preferred to use an online method such as facebook or virtual chat program

14 comments on “New survey from LEGO:

  1. Starwars4J

    Keep in mind that, though there are two options about quality, there’s a third that specifically mentions collectible figs that has it backwards. It indicates we want all figs to have the same high quality as the collectible minifigs, when the collectible minifigs are the problem. Just make sure you double-check before selecting it as a choice.

  2. worker201

    I added “Smaller boxes and fewer plastic bags, to save on environmental costs” to the list of improvements they could make. Because that’s one of my pet issues.

  3. legomason

    Ooh, good one worker201!

    Remember how PC software/games used to all come in gigantic boxes and then one year they all collectively shrank? Lego could do the same.

  4. legomason

    And also now that I think about it, it would be harder to have a “Lego Aisle” if they had smaller boxes.

  5. worker201

    I’m sure they can come up with thousands of ways to rationalize box sizes. But I think they could be very successful with smaller boxes. And it would be unwise to underestimate the potential profits one can reap by slapping a “Now More Eco-Friendly: Featuring 35% Less Packaging” sticker on every box.

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