Castello Rosso

Stephen (busboy489) has chimed in with his entry to the 32×32 challenge at Classic-Castle–aptly named Castello Rosso. I particularly like the angles of the towers on the base, and the inclusion of the dark red to break up the bright red.

2 comments on “Castello Rosso

  1. Sub-Culture

    The angled building at top breaks up the cubic, orderly walls to great effect. And the name is…. superb. =)

  2. Creative Anarchy

    I was looking at this a lot in the flicker group. I really love the detailed work and especially the door hinges but the angling is really off-putting to me. I guess it messes with my sense of symmetry in a bad way. If the angle was more towards 45 degree offset or maybe if other angels in the piece were skewed it wouldn’t be so jarring. I’m just drawn to that off-angle feature and being drawn to it just makes it hard to ignore that I can’t make sense of why a castle would be built that way. Still it’s very smooth technical work.

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