A stable for every horse.

Us castle-people build all sorts of things:fortresses, castles, lovely landscaping, and sometimes the occasional tavern or two. Many of the scenes all include horses–but so rarely to we stop to build a place for the horse. It’s a travesty!

Fortunately, Peter deYeule has taken it upon himself to build a stable. Thanks, Peter. The horses are grateful.

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  1. Jai

    Yyyyyeah. It’s sort of an edit of the half-blacksmith half-stable building from the MMV set. An edit that is mostly just the original set’s building, focused on one function for the building and expanded slightly. I… dunno about this.

  2. Jai

    It’s not that its origins are in a set. It’s that almost all of it is in a set. But if you guys were already aware of that and wanted to post it anyway, then I suppose my feedback was accidentally a waste of time. My apologies!

  3. Josh

    I don’t understand your anger. If Caylin found something that appealed to her in this MOC (and it is a MOC, since it is not the set, although it is very similar) then she is free to post it. Do you disagree?

    We do not censor what our contributors post. Period. Our list of “rules” is very short. We don’t all agree on what is “blog-worthy”, but that is point in having a variety of people, from a variety of backgrounds and themes.

    Feedback is always welcome and, on occasion, leads to meaningful debate and/or discussion. However, if anyone implies that one of our contributors should not have posted something, Andrew and I (as co-editors) will have the contributor’s back, whether or not we would have posted the item ourselves.

    I had no issue with your initial thoughts and it doesn’t matter to me if you like the MOC or not. The comments are for people to discuss the things we post. What I took exception to was the final sentence, where you implied that it didn’t belong here.

  4. Jai

    Woah! Josh, if you think from what I’ve said that I’m angry, then I really don’t know how to convince you that I’m really NOT the slightest bit angry. I didn’t want censorship or mean to imply such. I was not angry and did not mean to imply such (I don’t even know how I could have, but evidently I have). I certainly was not attacking Caylin or her decision to post this — it simply seemed to me that she may not have been aware of the vast similarities between the posted build and an official set.

    “I dunno about this” is an awfully vague declaration, so I can’t fault you if you misinterpreted it. However, what it meant is that I wasn’t sure if the contributor was aware of the, eh, 80ish% Medieval Market Village construction. I absolutely did not, and would not, post to complain that it was built (A ridiculous thing to do, for many reasons) or to complain that a contributor posted it. I would much rather discuss than complain, and initially I simply thought there was some mistake. My next response outlined that it apparently was not a mistake, therefore I need not have posted what I said in my first response.

    Now that we’re discussing it, however, what is your opinion of creations that take an existing set and just slightly modify it to suit its purpose a little better? Are there a lot of those types of creations posted here? Should I not have been surprised to see it, and unsure as to if the contributor knew of the official set? I definitely don’t feel as if the accomplishment of these creations is cheap or worthless, but they also don’t strike me as very creative or as something “new”. I would sort of like to see more of these posted, in fact, although I still would like the ones that expand upon the original sets in bigger or more original ways more. What are your thoughts?

  5. Josh

    ^Then it’s my turn to apologize! :) In my meager defense, I had just woken up after a long night shift and my mind was not functioning at full impulse power. I read your second post as you being angry that I made a snarky comment. Again, my bad and I apologize.

    As for “edited” sets, there aren’t that many that get posted. There are tons of dioramas where people drop in whole sets (this has happened a lot with the MMV). But not many people edit existing sets. Incidentally, this is probably why it caught Caylin’s attention. I agree with you, it would be interesting to see some, but (again like you) I prefer wholly original creations.

    By the way, thanks for replying after I misread your comment. Many people would have simply sulked away or made truly angry comments. I appreciate you taking the time to correct me. No hard feelings?

  6. Creative Anarchy

    Not that I’m looking to get jumped on either but my feelings run a bit stronger than Jai’s. This is a fine model, it would look great on a colaborative table. Probably because most of it was made by a designer for Lego. I don’t find anything amoral about editing an existing set. It’s how I got started with MoCs . If there was some color-replacement or a clever design feature added or an exceptionally detailed interior, I could absolutely appreciate finding it here. This space is provided for our comments. I guess my comment would be, I don’t understand why I’m looking at this.

  7. BrickTango

    I like this MOC. Thank you for blogging it!

    If you are struggling to understand why you are looking at it; you should just move along and look at another post! That is what I do when I see technic or bionicle or some other themes I have no interest in!

    Thank you for keeping the diversity in BB!

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