Grand piano trio

Michael Jasper has built a set of grand pianos for all sizes of tiny fingers. Mike is one of the few builders whose expertise with innovative usage of small parts can baffle just about everyone. Of particular cleverness are the hand/hook combo on the pedals, using the only black Clickits icon for the seat cushion, and the use of the ultra-rare black Technic half pins on all three models. Can you find them all?

You can see more pianos in his Brickshelf gallery.

3 comments on “Grand piano trio

  1. Sub-Culture

    Haha, great! Love the golden gate that he used, it adds a splash of color to the otherwise greyscale creations. Fantastic use of parts as always, Mr. Jasper.
    (Allthough I question that the possesion of rare peices improves the model in any way.)

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