July 2010 LEGO survey for AFOLs & TFOLs now online [News]

The LEGO Group values input from its consumers — including us, the fans. The second-quarter survey is now available online for Adult and Teen fans of LEGO:

July 2010 AFOL/TFOL Survey

This survey is a great way to let your voice be heard by the company, and help them drive and shape their involvement with the community. Take a few minutes and fill it out!

4 comments on “July 2010 LEGO survey for AFOLs & TFOLs now online [News]

  1. Starwars4J

    Filled it out, thanks for posting! Great to see their attention to AFOL perspective on quality (especially the minifigs) and sticker use.

  2. Andrew

    ^ The items in that list are all added by people who’ve taken the survey. I added the item about minifig quality. ;-)

  3. Starwars4J

    Thanks for that :) But don’t they need to screen through and summarize inputs? I’d imagine otherwise they’d end up with a list a mile long with half of them being essentially repeats. Either way I hope it gets through to them.

  4. vengecore

    I just took the Survey twice to see how the user submitted comments post. We need a new Blacktron and wider release of the mystery minifigs!

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