Despicable Me minion by Alex Eylar

Alex Eylar (Profound Whatever) has been on a building tear lately, posting more LEGO creations than we can keep up with. One of my favorites so far is also one of the simplest — a minion from the upcoming movie Despicable Me.


As much as I love the minions — and Alex’s LEGO rendition of one — I’m less interested in seeing the movie, especially after seeing the full trailer before Toy Story 3. Bungling supervillains fighting each other? Yes. Three adorable girls who bring the goodness out in a supervillain, who actually has a heart of gold? No.

1 comment on “Despicable Me minion by Alex Eylar

  1. legomaniacman

    Kinda cute yellow twinky thing.

    You summed up the movie in 25 words, beats spending $12 or how much a movie ticket is now :P

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