Neuschwanstein by Bob Carney

As shown at this year’s Brickworld, Bob Carney‘s Neuschwanstein does not disappoint. This castle is massive and simply gorgeous. It really captures the grandeur that King Ludwig was going for, though I’m certain without the whole “bankrupt my country” thing. Bad idea, that.

Anyway, fantastic castle. Mr. Carney has plenty of work-in-progress pictures on his site, as well as some photos of the real castle and a bit of history. Check it out!

3 comments on “Neuschwanstein by Bob Carney

  1. Creative Anarchy

    Stunning! I’ve seen historical buildings and I’ve seen big castles but the detail on this is grand, the curved surfaces are excellently graded to look smoothe even from fairly close views. It is an achievement of both modelling and construction. Very cool

  2. matt

    Fantastic model! This would be a tough one to get right because a lot of people recognize it as the inspiration to the Disneyland castle, but I think it’s fair to say he nailed it.

    and by the way, I believe it’s Dr. Carney, not Mr.

  3. eilonwy77

    There might not have been the whole “bankrupt my country” thing, but could very easily have been the whole “bankrupt my family” thing…. that’s a lot of bricks! Put together spectacularly well, I might add.

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