Pardon the dust while we sort and build

Me, Circa 1977Regular readers will likely have noticed a bit of a decrease in the frequency of our posts the last little while. That’s because summer has arrived — at least for the 86% of us who are here in the Northern Hemisphere — and that means less TV shows to distract, good natural lighting for pictures, and a whole bunch of LEGO conventions to attend.

In other words, the bloggers at The Brothers Brick are feverishly building rather than blogging.

So, bear with us over the next little while as we try to keep pace with all the great LEGO creations people are posting for the same reasons that we’re building ourselves.

We’ll still keep things fresh (or not), but if you’re itching to see a great LEGO creation that deserves to get blogged here on The Brothers Brick, get out your LEGO and build something awesome!

Personally, I’m starting the summer with a bit of sorting…

7 comments on “Pardon the dust while we sort and build

  1. gambort

    No. I make my own excuses ;)

    Although my real life busy stage is mostly due to the Northern Hemisphere Summer so indirectly 100% of us are affected.

  2. Morgan19

    Since you mentioned sending in suggestions…

    Has TBB moved away from posting custom figures? It’s obviously a focus dear to me and I’d love to see more folks’ work featured, but I’ve sent in a few really good custom figures over the past few months that seem to have been ignored or missed– eclipseGrafx’s Robocop comes to mind.

    Just wondering if it’s been a conscious decision on TBB’s part to steer more towards brick-built MOCs, whether they’re not seen as complex enough, or a case of “too much other good stuff”itis to give some love to the minifig.

  3. Andrew Post author

    It’s the latter. :-) We’ve just had too much good stuff to post and too little time. As you know, I personally still love minifigs, whether just “MOC” figs like mine or heavily customized like yours.

    Keep making your great figs, and keep sending us the suggestions. Thanks!

  4. Morgan19

    (I don’t for a heartbeat mean me with this next suggestion, so please don’t take it as a not-so-subtle way of worming my way in. ;))

    If it’s an issue of time, have you considered adding a staff member that focuses on blogging about figures, if the interest is enough? It could help get that part of the hobby more exposure without tying up your “main” contributors.

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