Working Lego printer

Adam (horseattack) built a printer out of only Lego bricks and some electronics. The most impressive part is the mechanism of the machinery that drives this thing. Check out the video:

6 comments on “Working Lego printer

  1. Daedalus

    My head just exploded from whimsy overload. The whole idea is pretty clever, but the finished product is just amazing on several levels. As much as the design rocked my socks (both flew off across the room) the simple add-ons, the computer consoles, the horse-powered gear, really made it for me.
    Great, great build.

  2. lennybobenny

    When I first read that title, I thought a printer that printed directly onto LEGO – like what TLG has to make minifigs. That would be flippin awesome. This is way cool too! Can’t wait to build Mindstorms with the boy!

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