Lego ship in a bottle!

Jeremy Moody built the first Lego ship inside a bottle! To perform this stunt, the builder had to use pieces smaller than a 2X2 brick and improvised tools that ranged from bent coat hangars to chopsticks. Click on the picture below to read more about this amazing feat.

10 comments on “Lego ship in a bottle!

  1. legomaniacman

    I can’t believe it is real. the way the background and lighting is, I would think it was made in blender but nope its real :O

  2. manofredearth

    When someone posts “This is the first…” one has to expect earlier examples to surface. It’s presumptuous in a world where millions have been and are building with Lego. It would be nice to see posts stating “This is the first time /I have seen this/” instead.

  3. Brad

    And here I thought building in the bag was hard! Kudos, Jeremy!

    @ Josh: I don’t think I would do it–it seems too finicky for my taste–but it seems like it could be fun. Pirate scene in a rum bottle?

  4. Josh

    @Brad – I think I’ll give it a whirl. If I find the right bottle, and if I come up with a decent design, and if I find the time, and if, if, if. ;)

    We’ll see. But it does appeal to me.

  5. Jai

    Holy crap. That looks fantastic… I could never try doing that, but the result — for some reason — strikes me as being far more impressive than normal (Non-LEGO) ship-in-a-bottles. Those normally seem really dumb to me (My apologies), but making a LEGO ship inside of a bottle seems like such an insane and good-looking idea to me that I am staring at the result in awe.

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