New images of LEGO 8684 Collectible Minifigures Series 2

While the first series of collectible minifigs are currently being released, detailed pictures of the next set are out. The lineup is equally amazing as the first series. I haven’t heard anything about the release date for these, but they’ll be worth the wait.

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15 comments on “New images of LEGO 8684 Collectible Minifigures Series 2

  1. Creative Anarchy

    I want mariachi guy, maybe a few of him. I can’t really explain the attraction. I just see so much potential there.

  2. brendanpowellsmith

    Oh, baby. I think I just had a LEGOrgasm.

    This may be my favorite LEGO “set” of all time. The ratio of cost to useful parts is off the charts!

    Side query: on a figure like the Ringmaster, what exactly is the point of giving him black legs and a white crotch/waist piece? I’ve never understood the rational behind LEGO giving minifigs different leg and crotch /waist colors. What is that supposed to represent? Does the Ringmaster wear his tighty-whities outside his pants? Is this a Danish fashion trend they hope to foist on the rest of the world?

  3. Benjamin P

    Explorer, Vampire, and Pharaoh stand out to me right now.

    Also, imagine the potential of that micro-minifig on the karate trophy!

  4. legomaniacman

    That little gold lego statue would go great on a hood of a lego truck MOC or mayor of a micro town, or gold minifigure babies :D

  5. Parax

    Presumably if the board game figs are microfigs then this little gold chap is a nanofig?

  6. Creative Anarchy

    How did I not notice that new Spear on the Spartan? I don’t remember seeing this many new fig parts and accessories created at once. Can I get some perspective from folks who collected during my dark ages? Is this pretty much an unprecidented minifig boom?

  7. Miles

    Did anyone else have “Play that funky music white boy” playing in there head when they saw the disco fig?
    Too bad they don’t have a hippy/flower child fig. I’d love that sooo much.

  8. MisterMellow

    I realize there are many after-market vultures already swooping for our wallets on these mystery minifig packs, so I thought that I’d give everyone reading this a heads up. Entertainment Earth seems to be selling cases at $120 for 60 packs. By my math, that’s $2 a fig and a very good shot at getting a complete collection. The less money we give to opportunistic Lego poachers, the better off the after-market will be.

    In lieu of thanks, I’ll gladly accept your minifig doubles. ;)

  9. pasa

    Just got home from LegoLand. They are very tight with their rules: They allow you to purchase 10 per customer at a time (you can purchase a box of 60 for $120.00) They will not take returns or exchanges! They wouldn’t even let us look through the bar codes to find the onew we wanted. Fortunately we were lucky enough to make up 3 full sets with a few extras(we went back at differnt times each of us getting the aloted 10 at a time).

    We already have the entire 1st series x3 (1 set for each of my 2 boys and one for my wife and I). Very cool.

    Does anyone know if/when the 1st series will end production? If it ends do you think it will end before the 2nd series comes out?

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