Arkov’s Ragdoll likes to play with scissors

Forget about mega blasters and great swords; it just needs a giant pair of scissors to do the job. Arkov’s Ragdoll has indeed that, and some very stylish hair.

4 comments on “Arkov’s Ragdoll likes to play with scissors

  1. Preda

    I totally agree. I love this kind of mecha, and even though I’m a big fan of Gundam, Super Robots in general and the Armored Core designs, creations like this one, popping up once in a while, are even more awesome between the regular stuff. Great work, I love it.

  2. Benjamin Good

    Nice build. I am curious, is Ragdoll an existing comic or videogame character, or does she come purely from the builder’s imagination? (I was not able to find her with a quick search of wikipedia and google.)

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