Brick-built LEGO store

The Chandler LEGO Store’s manager, Kevin Hinkle, built a minifig scaled replica of the store, complete with all the employees. What a neat concept!

11 comments on “Brick-built LEGO store

  1. Miles

    Chandler? Sweet! I think I recognise some of them: Manager-dude, girl with shoulder-length hair, another girl, guy with blackbeard, other guy with beard…

  2. derek

    wow… that’s so awesome…

    maybe i should start working on the LIC here… biggest store may cause some fun ;) could even do the shore and outside lego scupltures…

  3. Kevin Hinkle

    Wow, I’m speechless. Thanks for the mention, I’m a true fan of the site, never thought I’d see myself on it. :)

  4. legomaniacman

    This is so awesome, It would fit perfectly in a lego movie, with a plot of somesort. :)

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