Toys R Us BOGO LEGO sale through April 3 [News]

Toys R Us is having a buy one, get one 50% off sale yesterday through next Saturday, April 3.

Toys R Us

The sales exclude Star Wars, MINDSTORMS, and Toy Story, but Toys R Us does stock some of the harder-to-find sets online, like 10197 Fire Brigade and 10196 Grand Carousel.

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  1. Fred

    Its all wonderful until you realize that it’s only for “in stock items”

    Fire brigade is on sale but, you can’t have it because it’s out of stock. Same with most high dollar sets.

  2. Nannan

    Lots of the coveted sets go “out of stock” quickly. They’re usually available at the beginning of the sale, which is at midnight EST.

  3. LegoLyons

    Thanks for this, but its would be nice if you mentioned which country (countries) this is applicable in. Thanks.

  4. legocreatorguy

    Does this mean that if I buy an impulse set, I can get a $300 half off? Or is it the other way around….

  5. Andrew Post author

    @LegoLyons: I sometimes forget that there are TRU stores outside the US. Yes, this is US-only, as far as I know.

    @legocreatorguy: Have you never bought something from a buy-one-get-one sale before? Why would any store let you buy a $3 item and get $150 off a $300 item? That would just be silly.

  6. l0b0t

    During the last BOGO @ TRU, the Times Square store had plenty of Fire Brigade, Taj Mahal, & Carousel sets but the markup was so significant as to almost obviate the 50% discount. They do have a surprising number of sets @ MSRP however, so one can score some good deals.

  7. ozlbkilo

    Kmart has Buy Two Get One and Target has 8085-1 Freeco Speeder and an Atlantis set for $20.00.

  8. notenoughbricks

    Where in NY are you from? Long Island over here.

    Thanks for the tip on Kmart. They are a dying breed by me and I don’t live close enough to one to get their circular with my Sunday paper so i didn’t know about their sale. Their prices are as bad as TRU though.

  9. Nannan

    By now Andrew’s probably tired of saying what I’m about to say, so I’ll just quote him:

    “Buying from brick-and-mortar stores does not help support the LEGO websites you frequent, whether it’s TBB, FBTB, Brickset, or elsewhere. Running a website like this isn’t free, and isn’t even cheap.”

  10. worker201

    ^ True – but most brick-and-mortar stores don’t take two weeks to fulfill an order. TLG and Amazon must have some sort of cut-rate deal with UPS where orders are delivered “whenever” unless the customer upgrades to expensive shipping. When I want Lego, I usually want it NOW.

  11. l0b0t

    Brooklyn, Crown Heights. There is a new Tanger Outlet Mall in Deer Park with a TRU outlet. Last time I was there (2 weeks ago?) they had quite a few 8970 Agents:Robo Attack and 8971 Agents: Aerial Defense Unit sets.

    While Kmart was a childhood mainstay (483-1 Alpha-1 Rocket Base, the first set I purchased myself, came from a Kmart in the late 1970s), the only store by us is in Manhattan, it even has its own subway stop in the basement. I fear they aren’t long for the world, the inside is very reminiscent of the old GUM stores in the Soviet Union. The sparse selection of goods is dusty and smells of mildew and they carry no toys at all.

  12. ozlbkilo


    the KMarts in the south survive only by the patronage of die-hard anti-walmart folks. the manager at the Kmart near me will discount sets with crushed or otherwise messed up boxes. (picture me outside Kmart – “hey kid, here’s five bucks, go inside and bust up some LEGO boxes)

  13. notenoughbricks

    Thanks. just went to that Tanger mall to see Alice on the IMAX there and stopped by that TRU. Saw some sets there that have been discounted by other retailers but not TRU.

    The Kmart by you is the Penn Station one right?

    The LEGO Store in Roosevelt Field is celebrating their Grand Opening April 9th -11th. I’ll be volunteering during the building event.

  14. l0b0t

    Looking forward to Roosevelt Field, and even more excited about the Rockefeller Center store opening sometime this year. We’re getting ready now to schlep out to the Paramus, NJ Lego Store to fill up my x-mas promotion, pick-a-brick boxes before the March 31st deadline.

    The decline of Kmart (amongst others) is sad, almost all of my Star Wars and Micronauts toys were purchased from Kmart, as was my VIC-20, C-64, Amiga, & Atari systems. The lack of competition in national retail is bad for the consumer.

  15. kunert

    It’s pretty tough to find anything I consider a deal at TRU at what is basically 25% off, best case scenario. I’ll probably end up returning the Pirates I bought there yesterday. I might follow this Kmart tangent and hit them up. I’ve bought long out-of-production Indy and Batman sets there in the past, always with musty-smelling boxes. Borders beat them all last weekend with a 40% off coupon, though.

  16. kunert

    Every Borders I’ve been to in California does.

    I went to a Kmart yesterday. Only thing of note, they had some Prince of Persia Quest Against Time, I wasn’t interested.

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