Yes yes, it’s the 11th Doctor, but what about Captain Jack?

I’ve been enjoying the recent Doctor Who for several years now, but I actually preferred Torchwood. Regardless, I’m looking forward to the next incarnation of the Doctor — the 11th — here portrayed in LEGO, complete with a TARDIS, by Mark Stafford (lego_nabii):

LEGO Doctor Who

Via VignetteBricks.

11 comments on “Yes yes, it’s the 11th Doctor, but what about Captain Jack?

  1. Ochre Jelly

    I love the panelling in this latest incarnation of Mark’s tardis.

    Andrew, are you sure you want to admit to liking Torchwood? That’s like admitting to being a Lady Gaga fan! :D

  2. Sarah

    I like how it even has the police box information on the white panel, not just scribble.

    Geronimo! I think the first full episode with the 11th Doctor airs April 4th in the UK.
    Isn’t liking Torchwood just meaning you like a more adult Dr Who?

  3. Luke Chapman

    I’ve never liked Torchwood, but that “Children of Earth” miniseries really put me off it.

  4. wwfmike

    Torchwood is one of my favorite shows. I liked Children of Earth. I HATE that Ianto is gone :(

  5. Jean C

    Ochre Jelly :”Andrew, are you sure you want to admit to liking Torchwood?” Sigh. Roll eyes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that and all.

    But returing to the model: I don’t like the way you can see in. One of the characteristics of the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, incidentally), is that you can’t see in. The builder should have put some black bricks inside

  6. SubcommanderShran

    I’ve seen a few LEGO TARDISes, but I wonder if anyone has ever tried to make the control room? Or the Torchwood hub?

  7. Benjamin P

    Sounds like you just got some building inspiration, eh Shran?
    (Actually, I put a little control panel and clear tubing in my own TARDIS, though definitely not “bigger on the inside.”)

    This TARDIS looks a little squat, but it is still a job well done.

    Great Amy fig here, and I like The Doctor’s torso, but Matt Smith has black hair (that almost covers a side of his face).

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