New minifigure magnet packs also released [Mini-Review]

While Andrew got the 7684 Pig Farm & Tractor, I bought the new magnets to see if LEGO has improved their minifigure quality in these products, and the answer is: yes, they did!

The minifigs from the new magnet packs (shown below) are indistinguishable from the minifigs you’d find in regular sets.

Whereas before, figures from magnet packs were of notably decreased quality plastic and had loose joints and even printing discrepancies in color. It’s safe to say that LEGO has fixed these problems, but $14.99 for a pack of three figures is still on the price-heavy side.

11 comments on “New minifigure magnet packs also released [Mini-Review]

  1. Starwars4J

    Fantastic news, if only this had been in time for some of the magnet packs on clearance…at least this looks good for the minifig collection

  2. Puddleglum

    Well, there is someone on BrickLink saying he bought 8 nutes and onacondas from a seller and they are easily distinguishable as magnet figs from the 3 of each he has from actual sets. However, the issues he describes don’t sound as significant as past issues. But it’s good to know that at least one person got some good figs.

    Oh, also Nannan – are you going to be selling these in your shop? Either way it’s only fair to give a bit of “full disclosure” and remind everyone that you have made some decent business selling magnet figs in the past.

  3. Starwars4J

    I think the easiest way to distinguish this would be for Nannan or whomever purchased these magnets to take a picture of comparison to settle the debate.

  4. Nannan Post author

    Thing is, there’s nothing to distinguish. If I took a comparison picture, it’d look the same as if I photoshopped a duplicate fig.

  5. Starwars4J

    So everything that poster on BL experienced you didn’t see? Let’s hope then he got a bad batch rather than you getting a good one :P

  6. Nannan Post author

    I’ll bet that if I had taken pictures of various magnet figs and set figs, he wouldn’t be able identify which came from where.

  7. kunert

    All I can say is I’d ban that guy as a customer. I’ve run into some real extreme cases after 12 years on ebay, but that takes the cake. My set variations sometimes look more like the magnets he sites.

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