A castle in the modern day

Most major Lego castles, with the exception of Hrothingas, haven’t been open to tourism. Now, Castle Terezcak by legacek is open to visitors. But please, no graffiti on the walls.

I love the train tunnel cutting through the rocky mountain on which the castle is firmly planted. The use of bley and old gray on the castle walls is a classic technique to add texture.

4 comments on “A castle in the modern day

  1. Jargon

    I think there might be a ‘not’ missing between has and been.
    Unless I’m merely missing something. :)

  2. Brad

    This is lovely. My favorite bits are possibly the minifigs. Daniel uses minifig parts from a variety of LEGO years/lines, which adds a certain variety. Plus, they all have great and fitting expressions. Look at the angry security officer and the jugglers with their audience! In addition to the building’s ‘story’, there at least a half dozen vignettes in the figs.

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