LEGO iPad less absorbent than Apple’s version; still won’t run Flash

Despite being an early adopter of many technologies, I still don’t have an iPhone, I refuse to tweet, and thought the Wii would flop. Well, at least I was proved right about that last one in the long run.

Though I remain skeptical of Apple’s latest foray into palmtop computing (I have a Newton downstairs somewhere), I’m certainly impressed with Joe Meno‘s LEGO version.


Joe’s LEGO iPad has just about everything, including swappable screens and the Apple logo on the back. Ironically, the only thing missing from the LEGO iPad is a little blue 2×2 brick indicating that the Adobe Flash plugin is broken

9 comments on “LEGO iPad less absorbent than Apple’s version; still won’t run Flash

  1. Andrew Post author

    ^ Not a problem at all. My snark deserves hijacking. The Wii may top sales charts, but it’s still a flop as a gaming platform. My evaluation was entirely subjective, though based on years of experience as a frustrated owner. I’m just glad I finally bought an Xbox! :-D

    Will “absorbent” become the new “indeed”? Only time will tell…

  2. Daedalus

    @Andrew: I understand (and somewhat share) that perspective. It’s definitely not a traditional gaming machine; I ended up going with a PS3 for personal use, while the Wii works great as a resource for my job working with teens (and their parents).

    To re-rail things, I’m pretty impressed with the studs-up design on both the front AND back with such a thin margin to work with. I didn’t appreciate that until just now. “Impressive. Most impressive.”

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