Printed Twi’lek minifig parts now available from Arealight Customs [News]

You don’t have to travel to Ryloth to get your hands on a lovely Twi’lek dancer, jedi, personal assistant, or sith minifig. Arealight Custom Work now sells printed versions of the custom accessories we reviewed last year, as well as new curved torsos.

Custom LEGO Twi'lek minifigs

The heads are 5.00 USD each and the torsos 4.00 USD. Check out more photos on Flickr.

As someone too untalented to try designing, printing, and applying waterslide decals myself, I just ordered a full set and can’t wait to make them dance around on my coffee table. ♫ Jabba’s Theme ♩ as Pugsly observes approvingly…

3 comments on “Printed Twi’lek minifig parts now available from Arealight Customs [News]

  1. Legogeek

    Very cool!

    I gotta ask though, since I’m not a minifig-maniac – Is there someplace I can get just arms? What’s the 411 on removing/attaching arms? I’ve never done minifig surgery.

  2. Andrew Post author

    ^ You can get just arms from I use a very careful twisting motion to work the arm out of the torso, stabilizing the arm with my thumb and two fingers. That’s not a very helpful description, I know, but I haven’t broken or cracked a torso (a common problem, according to others who must remove minifig arms differently) in over 25 years.

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