LEGO 8683 Collectible minifigures coming June 2010 [News]

Brickset has high resolution images of the 16 upcoming collectible minifigs in June 2010. All of these figures feature unique printed parts and accessories that are already making fans go nuts. Currently there’s word that each pack contains one random figure for $2, which makes each purchase a surprise (or a disaster on your wallet if you’re on a scavenger hunt for your favorites).

Judging by the “series 1” label in the image below, we can expect more to come in the future.

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  1. Jai

    My frothing demand increases. I suspect my birthday gift to myself will be fistfuls of these things, since there’s only one type I don’t care to potentially get a lot of duplicates of (The dummy. I do want one still, but a BUNCH of them? Don’t have a good use for that).

    The clown and robot still make my wallet feel too big for my pants.

  2. Ricecracker

    Two things I’m taking note of.

    1) Those stands. They’re definitely going to be a useful piece.

    2) The license plate with the crash test dummy. I wonder if it’ll be a unique print for each piece, or a standard one for all.

    Also, does anybody know if stores will be selling these by the case?

  3. Daedalus

    I am hesitantly excited. Really terrific concept, but also a potential source for serious frustration.
    Big question: does anyone know for sure what the packaging is like? It will completely kill my interest if I find that they’re in plastic bags that you can feel pieces through. The last thing I want to do is figure out when the new shipments arrivve, rush to get there before they’re picked over, only to get home and discover I bought five luchadors because they were the only ones left.
    Also, has anyone heard whether there will be rare and common figs? Or will they be producing them in equal numbers? I love the idea of the surprise factor, but I’d sooner buy the figs I want off bricklink for an inflated price, knowing that in the long run I’m probably paying less.
    No matter what, I like the idea; I just hope they’re smart with it. As excited as I am to actually get my grubby paws on these, I’m probably more excited to see what the really creative builders do with them.

  4. sqiddster

    I am looking forward to laughing at bricklink prices.
    Star Wars figs ain’t got nothing yet :)

  5. jimmythefly

    Awesome. These could make for really fun drafts, maybe everyone brings 3 bags. Then instead of picking a whole bin of same parts, everyone takes turns picking one part each. In the end you have 3 minifigs, maybe an official one and two smorgasbord ones.

  6. Whittleberry

    I’m probably going to only buy these if they aren’t made in China, but I have suspicions that they are, since they’re essentially short-run exclusive minifigures, as the vintage minifig packs were.

  7. wunztwice

    @ Whittleberry:
    I’ve heard the whole China fiasco has already been resolved and these will indeed the standard quality LEGO figures. This is, of course, through a friend of a friend of a LEGO rep, so…

  8. ILikePi

    @ Daedalus:
    TLG employee and Eurobricks member Front has stated that the bags will be very thick so that you cannot feel the parts inside. So it’s going to be completely random! :)

  9. Puddleglum

    Hot dog, these look absolutely fantastic from top to bottom. Assuming, as Whilttleberry mentioned, they aren’t the low-quality China figs, I’m all in!

  10. Whittleberry

    @Wunztwice – Ah, that’s good to hear! If true, it’s good to hear LEGO is acting to keep quality standards high. And I reckon with the number of these they’ll sell, they’ll be profitable when made in Denmark anyway.

    @ILikePi – Another solution could be to weigh the different figs and their packaging – they’ll probably weigh slightly different amounts. Even if 5 weigh the same amount, knowing the weight of the one you’re after means you have a higher chance of picking it, if armed with an accurate electronic scale.

  11. Octopunk

    Is it certain that these are two bucks? That’d be nice. Because I’m going to go nuts trying to get one of those astronaut guns. And that clown hair. And that robot torso. *Sigh*

  12. Shmails

    Brickset already lists “series 2”, so that is a good hint that this will be continued in the future. Very exciting!

  13. peterlegowizard

    I am going to “feel through the bag” to see wich ones are wich. Nothings fool proof, besides I could get whatever I want on bricklink.

  14. David4

    The first volume comes out in June the second in August and I don’t htink you will be able to feel trough the bags.

    My problem with these is that it will fail horribly like the Impulse sets. LEGO should just release one volume a year. LEGO will have these out for 2 months, only be sold online and at TRU for $10 a minifigure and it will just be a waste. 6 months to a year will give people enough time to track these down and find them.

    Great idea, but LEGO has had several great ideas and they never work out as well as we have hoped.

  15. Catsy

    It’s like Magic card booster packs for minifigs.

    This is going to be awesome. Although I confess to hating a couple of the figs and am not sure what I would end up doing with them. Maybe trade with SEALUG folks.

  16. jimmythefly

    I think a vending machine full of these could be fun at BrickCon. I know of a bike shop that has an old cigarette vending machine that dispenses tubes and patch kits, and there’s a gallery that has one that dispenses miniature art.

  17. tombouy99

    Hello people – I just got a pack of these (a seller on Bricklink sent me one).

    The packaging is SUPER thin, much like a sportscard wrapper. It is VERY easy to decipher the character inside. For instance, the 2 pom-poms in the cheerleader pack would be easy to feel. Take the caveman club, the clown wig, ninja sword, and the skateboard – feeling through the pack for these will be easy.

  18. Garth

    Im just going to buy entire unopened boxes and then sell the doubles to other brickpeople. :)

  19. Rafael

    That’s my plan too, picking off special features on each to help me guess, that and a good touch sense.

  20. Dr. Whizzbang

    *mouth waters*

    I shall buy a case of these…….and do something “Freakin’ Awesome” with them….like make a movie…… :) :)

  21. thomas

    this is really cool what lego have done ive all ready got the cave man
    ninja boxer cheir ledder and the cool dude im aiming to get robin hood.

    wish me luck

  22. Rabtastic

    These figures are made in China and it shows. They look as good as regular lego but they feel and sound cheap. The hands do not turn as smoothly as regular lego minifigs’. The hair pieces feel particularly cheap and brittle. Fine minifigs to sit on a shelf, but they don’t feel as nice or as durable as regular minifigs for play.

  23. manfromupton

    Does anyone know if the bar-codes indicate which character is in the pack? I’m after cheer leaders for my girls so thats x3 there. Although the robot would be nice for me and the CT dummy, zombie and that space man gun looks nice…. :o(

  24. Wayno

    Yes the bar code on th top left handside of the bag does indicate which character is in the bag.

  25. lego psyco

    well my friends told me that you can get a box with all of them on amazon for 150$ its true now i thought i would feel through the bag like some of you but what about ones that dont have any accesories then you couldnt tell

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