Registration for Brickworld 2010 now open! [News]

Beginning today, you can register for Brickworld 2010 in Chicago during June 17-20. Brickworld is the largest annual LEGO convention in the US with 570 registered attendees in 2009. This year, the coordinators have booked the entire Westin Hotel & Convention Center, which includes 30,000 square feet of space dedicated to displays, presentations, competitions, marketplace and more.

Check out photos from previous Brickworlds on Flickr, or you can watch our videos of the 2009 convention. Click here to register and join the fun!

1 comment on “Registration for Brickworld 2010 now open! [News]

  1. Big C

    Normally, this is the part where I’m like, “Dangit, I wish I could go.” But I’ll be in Hawaii on my honeymoon about that time, so I’m okay with it. ;-)

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