LEGO auditions for model builder in Manchester, UK [News]

I just heard that they’re recruiting for a model builder for the new LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Manchester, UK. It could be a pretty cool opportunity for someone among our UK readership.

Here’s the word:



OPEN auditions are being held at The Lowry Hotel on 27 November 2009 for a position as model builder at the new LEGOLAND Discovery Centre.

Faced with millions of LEGO bricks when they arrive, auditionees will need to show how skilled they are at building LEGO models by creating an animal model in just fifteen minutes. The successful builders will then pass to the second stage of the auditions when they will need to create a famous face out of LEGO.

The audition aims to find a potential model builder who is skilled enough to be responsible for developing new features, exhibitions and building new models as well as working with the thousands of children expected to visit the attraction.

Neil Crittenden, general manager of LEGOLAND Discovery Centre said: “We are holding open auditions to find the most talented and enthusiastic model builders. It is an unusual job available and we hope to meet some LEGO fanatics from the North West. We are looking for someone with a great sense of fun and though that holding an open audition would be the ideal way to find the perfect candidate.”

The exciting new role will be based at the unique indoor attraction opening in March 2010.

Described as stepping into the biggest box of LEGO in the world, the attraction will host a unique MINILAND, which the successful model builder will need to create and maintain, as well as a number of other features including offer an exciting themed ride, a tour of a LEGO factory where children can help make their own LEGO brick. Plus there will be lots of opportunities to create their own models, race LEGO cars and areas for birthday parties.

The auditions will be held in meeting room seven and eight from 10am – 5pm at The Lowry Hotel in Manchester.

Auditionees need to register in advance by emailing

For more information please contact the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre contact me, Nikki, at:

If a reader ends up trying for this job, please get in touch. It could make for a pretty interesting story.

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  1. BubbaGoatboy

    Nannan – we have a British TV show called ‘The X-Factor’, a talent search, which is very popular and reaching it’s conclusion at the moment. I would guess that is why they have used this.

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