Japanese shrine

This shrine, by gtahelper, is top notch. It’s packed with all sorts of incredible details, including the first Shishi odoshi that I’ve seen. Make sure you check out the video too, the fish are very cool.

LEGO Japan Shrine Shishi Odoshi

Thanks to Bruce for pointing this out to me in Classic-Castle’s chat room last night.

3 comments on “Japanese shrine

  1. alldarker

    The Koi carp are truly inspired! I hadn’t read the description, and i was still admiring the water effect, when suddenly the fish came swiming out! A beautiful MOC.

  2. SJ Commander

    This is beautiful! I love the spinning dish with the fish on it, it looks quite realistic! Also, the styling is just perfect. Anybody would recognize it as Japanese, anytime.

  3. ILikePi

    Wow, that is so cool! The huge automated turntable down there with the fish is a great addition, and I really like how the shishi odishi goes up and down.

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