‘Bricktober’ at US Toys R Us

This is about the longest press release I’ve ever seen for a toy sale but I think it’s of interest to our US readers.


EDIT (AB): tl;dr indeed. Here’s the press release.

7 comments on “‘Bricktober’ at US Toys R Us

  1. gambort Post author

    You’re lucky I can google or I wouldn’t have had a clue what you were talking about (it’s actually CliffsNotes btw). No you can’t but a micro-summary is this: US Toys R Us has sales and free stuff for LEGO all October.

  2. notenoughbricks

    The sales have been great for me and brought TRU prices near to what LEGO suggests they be so at least it doesn’t hurt to shop at TRU like it usually does. The bricks are cute and when you put all 4 together they create a pic.

    If anyone would like to see pics of the bricks they are up on my flickr photostream:


    I am only worried that the LEGO Set I buy this week will go on sale next week so save your receipts!

    I first heard about this on the brickjournal website on the 1st of October and have been eagerly awaiting the TRU circular the past 2 Sunday mornings as if it were Christmas eve!

  3. Andrew

    Of course, be prepared to encounter above-MSRP prices, and buying from TRU instead of through S@H via FBTB, MOCpages, or TBB doesn’t help support your online LEGO fan sites…

  4. gambort Post author

    Glad you found an online souce, Andrew. As you probably guessed I wasn’t best pleased about it but figured I owed it to our readers to pass the info along.

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