Weekly LEGO news roundup for October 10 (and 2), 2009 [News]

We skipped a week last Saturday for BrickCon, so here we go with a two-week roundup.

  • Dan & Nannan in LEGO Book: Our fellow bloggers Dan and Nannan are featured in a new LEGO Book from DK.
  • Ben 10: The new Ben 10 figures evoke the dreaded Galidor for many of us. But are they really that bad if they help sell LEGO?
  • LEGO Atlantis minifigLEGO Atlantis: Reactions to the first high-res pics of 2010 LEGO Atlantis sets are rather more positive. They’re kind of like Space Police … under the sea!
  • BrickCon 2009: The biggest LEGO fan convention west of the Mississippi happened in Seattle last weekend, with five of our seven contributors in attendance. I’ve written a wrap-up, as well as an “after-action review” of Zombie Apocafest 2009.
  • LSWVD out: The new LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary has also just been released, and includes an exclusive Ceremonial Luke minifig (though early reports indicate some issues with the fig’s quality).
  • 10210 Imperial FlagshipYarrr!!!: A new LEGO Pirates set, 10210 Imperial Flagship, was unveiled at events in the US and UK. Pirate fans rejoice the world over.
  • Winter Toy Shop: Though the Pirates Advent Calendar won’t be pillaging American shores this year, 10199 Winter Toy Shop may assuage the holiday LEGO needs of North American LEGO fans.

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