DK LEGO Book features Dan & Nannan [News]

Newly released and available on Amazon, The LEGO Book has LEGO creations from Brothers Brick bloggers Dan and Nannan.

The book is 200 pages long (in two volumes), and also includes a 96-page booklet celebrating the 30th anniversary of the minifig.

2 comments on “DK LEGO Book features Dan & Nannan [News]

  1. jonrossi

    OH no no no no no no!
    Poor attempt at a Lego Book by DK.
    Were The Lego Group Consulted at every point of the books production.
    Standing Small is especially bad, some of the mini figs they have used are of poor quality and they haven’t even cleaned some of the mini figs for the close up pics. Typo and miss classification all also present.
    My own collection contains better examples of many of the mini figs used.
    If you have a spare £15 get it, but be prepared to disappointed, if like me you are a true Lego fan.

  2. Nannan

    I agree that both books contain typos and the standing small book had several incorrect facts. Also, both books focused so much on the current sets that it seemed like a catalog. The illustrations and layouts are good and for the average reader (rather than the hardcore AFOL), it’s a decent deal.

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