LEGO Atlantis – first high-res pics of 2010 sets [News]

Though the new 2010 LEGO Atlantis sets were briefly revealed at a LEGO fan event in Russia, we didn’t have high-resolution pictures until now.

Dano has the full set, but here are a few highlights.

LEGO Atlantis 8061

LEGO Atlantis 8057

The minifigs are especially intriguing, with new aqua helmets for humans and intriguing creatures who live in the deep.

LEGO Atlantis 2010 minifig LEGO Atlantis 2010 minifig

LEGO Atlantis 2010 minifig LEGO Atlantis 2010 minifig

8 comments on “LEGO Atlantis – first high-res pics of 2010 sets [News]

  1. CatJuggling

    OMG! This stuff is just too cool. The blurry leaks didn’t do it justice! Look at those airtank/suits! Look at those Octopus legs and Squiddy heads?!?! I’m sorry, Aqua-whatever just crawled out of its watery grave and kicked the butt of every other theme in the past few years.


  2. Grand Admiral

    I’d have liked to see Atlantis in an ancient Greece/ancient technology instead of just sea monsters.

    But I guess monsters are what sell to the age bracket. The minifigs are cool anyway.

  3. BubbaGoatboy

    By the bottom 2 figs it looks like a heavy [url=]Cthulhu[/url] influence, which I personally like, and think is quite risqué for Lego, which I also like.

  4. the enigma that is badger

    Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

    Looks like a great line to me! Some neat builds, useful parts, great new figs, and nice new minifig accessories. I’ll definitely be picking a few of these up!

  5. Creative Anarchy

    The sets don’t seem to do a lot for me. They look very sparse. and uninteresting. Could be cool decals. Closer pictures of the guys in the dive suits gave me the exact opposite reaction. There’s some neat looking mini-figures but I’m not sure what good they’ll be outside of this theme.
    I do have to admit I’m interested in those ring-things. A detail like that could look good in multiple different themes.

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