Castle on the hill

This microscale castle scene by Marcos Bessa looks pretty nifty, especially the dock and the ship. Looking at this makes me want to see a full-blown medieval landscape that rivals the size of the famous Shannonia microcity.

5 comments on “Castle on the hill

  1. Robin Hood

    And a nice MOC too, but I can’t say more on it right now, which is the reason I am posting here. Just wanted to say that this MOC is an entry to the Mini Castle Contest which I am hosting on Classic-Castle. Go check it out.

  2. Bunbrick

    Those dead trees add a nice, and somewhat sinister touch, and look real neat from this particular angle.
    Clever on the dockside, didn’t realise from this pic what it was made of, erroneously figured I was just looking at some grill tiles there. :)

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