New LEGO pics from Comic-Con: Prince of Persia, Toy Story, & more! [News]

Pictures from ComicCon have been showing up all day and there is some great stuff on the horizon for LEGO fans! Joe Meno has been getting some great shots. Thanel is running around there also and has promised more pictures tomorrow.

Prince of Persia Figs:

LEGO Prince of Persia LEGO Prince of Persia LEGO Prince of Persia LEGO Prince of Persia

Camel and Ostrich:

LEGO Prince of Persia camel LEGO Prince of Persia ostrich

Woody and Buzz:

LEGO Toy Story

Army Men!

LEGO Army Men

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  1. stephendsdude

    I especially like those Toy Story figs (Woody and Buzz) They look so realistic!

  2. kibosh

    Me likey! PoP figs look sweet. Gotta love Woody and Buzz. I know my son will!

    Not sure about those Army Men… They look… cheap.

  3. Marc Nelson Jr.

    The Toy Story heads are hideous. Mega Bloks would be proud. Another step away from creativity and towards action figures…

    I do like the long limbs, though!

  4. Melfice

    Army Men:
    No real weapons, that’s a given. That probably rules out tanks too, IF they’re even going with minifig-scale vehicles. I don’t know the ins-and-outs of the line.
    However, an APV? If its treaded, that’s an “easy” conversion into a tank, for the LEGO set-customizers here. (I don’t know if that an unofficial term here? It’s something I do anyway. Buy an official set, and then just alter a thing of two, three on it to fit my need. *shrugs*)

    Plus, if those figs come in bulk in sets… that’s an easy uniform for BrickWars and your LEGO army builders (both in combination with BrickArms and/or BrickForge and not).

  5. Melfice

    Orrrr… I can be a non-retard and remember that those Army Men played a role in Toy Story, and are then also part of the Toy Story line.

    Yeah. That’s a better idea.

    So… uh… LEGO? Go make that Army Men line I just talked about?

  6. JimmytheJ

    They don’t look real… the animals look carved outta wood, the army men look decals, Brickforge and non-prod, and buzz and woody look like tiny action figures were decapitated in the process… and some legs were mutilated. If they ARE real, I say we take the army men and turn them into yellows/fleshies, and use the left-over green parts for zombies. Make a zoo. Turn woody into a random stilts-clown. Buzz… he’s a random model to sell merchandise. Or just another random “background-alien” to shove into the moonbases. Prince of persia stuff will make the Indiana fans happy, as well as the odd castler or the soon-to-be married (looking at teh guy in black robes, I think “Vicar”)

  7. Octopunk

    All that stuff looks great, especially the army men. I already dug them and then read JimmytheJ’s idea for culling green heads and hands. Phat!

    Did you know that before this year’s Frenzy and Onaconda Farr, the Green Goblin was the only fig with straight-up green hands? A couple of years ago I bought so many GG’s on Bricklink for the hands I think I single-handedly upped their market value.

  8. Drizdar

    The Prince of Persia figs look sweet (love the shawl), although the Toy Story is giving me mixed results. While the alien and army men seem great, I’m not so sure about the “realistic heads” on everyone else. They look like Jack Stone or something…

  9. Andrew

    For those of you critical of the apparent quality, bear in mind that these are guaranteed to be very early prototypes. If I remember correctly, some prototypes are indeed hand-carved.

    I really have no interest in the PoP movie, but it looks like it will result in some wonderful new LEGO elements. As to Toy Story, they’re very movie-accurate, but unfortunately making LEGO look like other toys makes them look, well, a bit less like LEGO…

  10. DonSolo

    The animals are 3D printed rapid prototypes – they’re layers of sand like material formed by an inkjet like printer (but with glue) then painted. The Taun Taun prototypes had the same look, and those came out as smooth as you’d expect LEGO to be. Relax. They won’t be wood.

  11. Jai

    Some prototypes may be hand-carved, but it’s far more likely that those have been created with a “3D printer” (Used for rapid prototyping). They tend to look like that… and this is a fairly modern age. ;)

    I wonder if those Toy Story cowboy hats are separable from the heads beneath them… because I’m really not a fan of those non-LEGO heads. The alien will be super fun to mix in with Space Police (Hehehee), though, and the army men made me unreasonably gleeful. Nobody can complain about RC (The remote-control car), though! He ain’t gonna be making people think of MegaBlocks.

  12. dover

    Wait, Don? They’re not going to be carved out of wood? I was really hoping for some wooden lego element to appear out of nowhere, now i’m so disappointed.

    I think these look great, especially when you remember that the target market for Toy Story is probably around 5 or 6. Jack Stone was great for introducing kids to the basics of Lego building and, at the same time, giving them “cool” looking things that are within their capabilities

    I see elements of Fabuland (which used to have Disney, too), Jack Stone, and regular system. These are going to be very popular

  13. Creative Anarchy

    I’m seeing buckets of potential here. Lego licence army helmets. Lots of great pink figs. Tons of unique minifig accessories. I have my hopes up that lego will revive the east-indian patterned bricks for Prince of Persia sets, or at least create something similar. Kind of disappointed no sneak-peak of the Ben Ten licenced stuff, makes me nervous that the line insn’t very solid.

  14. David4

    Yeah the odd The Toy Story heads are hideous, simple as that. However the Alien one is nice. The army men is some of the best I have seen.

    The PoP could become my new favorite theme.

  15. thwaak

    I get very tired of seeing the same routine out the people commenting here:
    1) New Set is revealed through sneak peek images of prototypes.
    2) Lots of bashing about hideous pieces, colors, TLG making a mistake, blah, blah, blah.
    3) Actual sets come out.
    4) Lots of praise and love.

    Power Miners comes to mind.

  16. the enigma that is badger

    I’ll add my voice to the love everyone seems to be universally expressing about the PoP line. Some truly great things there, and while some where expected (camel, new fig designs), many really neat ones weren’t (ostrich, new headwrap). I’m primarily a fig builder and collected, and PoP is shaping up to a line I’ll definitely have to collect.

    As for Toy Story, I absolutely love the Army Men (especially for the very fun of seeing a toy based on characters who were based on toys who were based on real people aspect that other have pointed out).

    In regards to the other figures, while I doubt I’ll be collecting them myself, I think they’re perfect for the key demographic of this line: very young builders. True, they’re not what we think of when we think System, but as others have said, they’re large, bright, and colorful and as such will make for an excellent tool to attract younger folks to building with accurate representations of characters they know and love that incorporate aspects of building.

    Do I think Toy Story will be something AFOLs get into? No. Do I think it’s something kids will want and their guardians will put in the shopping cart? Very much so. Do I think the line good for LEGO to explore new ways of introducing the brand and building to the builders of tomorrow? Absolutely.

  17. thwaak

    David4: I will not let sour minded people ruin my fun, so I shall remain a devoted follower of TBB, but thank you for the kind offer.

  18. Jai

    Toy Story MIGHT be something that AFOLs will become universally ecstatic about… I haven’t seen what the actual sets are like, after all (Except for RC. I’m sure he’s pretty much a set all by himself). Considering that’s it’s gotta be all toy-themed in some way, I’m really looking forward to finding out about the actual sets. Brick-built Mr. Potato Head (Wait… maybe not, considering the sizes of Buzz and Woody. Then again, the army men are Buzz and Woody’s size…!) / disfigured toys / Etch-a-Sketch / Slinky Dog (Ok, I have no idea how that would work) / sets with multiple aliens / sets with multiple army men (A must-have, and I’d say an obvious ringer of a guess) / claw machine / ??? / ?!? / !!!, etc. ;)

  19. Rens

    I really love the green soldiers. Am I the only one who doesn’t want the soldiers for the hands/helmets/other green parts. I love them how they are. The stupid green soldiers made of lego!!! SO COOL. Why does everyone call Buzz Lightyear an alien. That’s horrible. Woody and Buzz look good, but not for LEGO. The PoP minifigs look good!

  20. Jacob

    Andrew, I thought you were going to block commenting on pre-production pictures?

    RC looks fantastic, anyway, and it looks like he’s got a wind-up motor in the back.

  21. Andrew

    ^ No, that wasn’t the intent. We’re not going to blog grainy catalog scans of uncertain origin (for example). High-res photos taken on-site in an official context is absolutely fair game.

    But it does continue to baffle me that people can’t tell the difference between an obvious prototype and a final production element…

  22. Jacob

    Yeah, I guess I just don’t see any difference between people complaining about super-early grainy pictures and people complaining about clean pictures of what are still not final products (the Buzz and Woody figures could still be altered, no?).

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