Professor Eggplant goes small

Fresh from completing his massive Estuary Stronghold, Bryan (Professor Eggplant | Eggy Pop) takes on microscale. His resulting LEGO Castle is a thing of beauty.

LEGO microscale island castle

The transition is gorgeous from blue ocean (apparently non-production trans-blue plates) to sandy beach and verdant land. It’s hard to pack a lot of detail into a castle this small, but Bryan manages with a nice little dome, itty-bitty cheese-slope roofs, and Technic pin-hole windows.

See more angles on MOCpages.

7 comments on “Professor Eggplant goes small

  1. stephendsdude

    Noce. Very nice. The use of translucent bricks makes the illusion of waves, and the transition between the colors of those blocks brings the while thing together.

  2. Andrew Post author

    ^ You guys are right about the dark blue 1×1 (not 1×2 BTW) tiles — looks like I missed a word in the exchange between Eggy and Legohaulic.

    It’s the light blue ones that are non-production.

    Or are you asking what “non-production” means, ranwanimator?

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