Call for presentations/sessions at BrickCon 2009

Three months to BrickCon!

BrickCon 2009 is looking for any talks, roundtables, and special activities you would like to see at the Con this year. Going to and putting on sessions are one of the things that makes a Lego convention fun.

Past talks have included manufacturing custom parts, an introduction to LDraw, and packing Lego models for shipment, among many others.

Roundtables, or moderated discussions, have included Moonbase standards and design, landscaping, and anything that someone can think of.

Activities already planned for this year include the Dirty Brickster and the Wacky Race.

All we need for more talks, roundtables, and activities are ideas and people to run with them. Projectors and a computer will be available (although bringing your own laptop ensures compatibility). All spaces can be configured with tables and chairs as desired.

Any registered attendee who would like to run a presentation or activity should e-mail proposals or questions to me (my first three initials @—please mention BrickCon in the subject). If possible, please include a possible title, brief description for the event program, and any time constraints or facility requirements. Events are typically scheduled to run up to fifty minutes but can be scheduled for more or less time.

I need proposals by September 6 to have time to prepare the schedule and the program. Earlier is better.

BrickCon is an annual adult Lego hobbyist convention and exposition in Seattle. BrickCon 2009 will be October 1–4, 2009, in the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. For more information or to register visit

TWS Garrison
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2 comments on “Call for presentations/sessions at BrickCon 2009

  1. Creative Anarchy

    I’d really love to present as part of a group for Brick Con. Doing presentation building is one of my goals as a builder and I think i have the tools and skills to at least have a go of it. Unfortunately I’m not part of a LUG and don’t really know the lay of the land when it comes to the presenting groups. I’d really love to put in part of the build for ZombiePocalypse if it’s going to be around this year. Does anyone know how I can contact folks to join into a group project for 2009?

  2. Andrew Post author

    One of our upcoming posts about BrickCon will cover all of the different group projects and collaborative displays being planned for BrickCon, with links (where possible) to planning threads and contact info.

    The Brothers Brick is planning the Zombie Apocafest, so you’re already in the right place for that. :-)

    I know the BrickCon folks are interested in having a wide variety of sessions, so if you have something specific you’d like to present about, just contact Thomas (or leave a comment here and I’ll pass it along). One way to ease into presenting is to lead a roundtable discussion.

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