Tim Gould: LEGO Ambassadors nomination bio and platform

This is our third and last post about the potential LEGO Ambassadors nominated to represent you, the readership community of The Brothers Brick.

About Tim

Tim Gould has a relatively long and fairly varied history playing with LEGO bricks. As an adult he began his serious model building with virtual bricks (an interest he hopes to revive again) but has now expanded his interests to the real thing. With ‘theme’ interests beginning with trains and progressing through town, space, a bit of castle and dribs and drabs of other things, he has played around with many bricks in many different ways. He’s also fortunate enough to have worked on a couple of projects with the LEGO company including the 10183 hobby train set.

Tim’s Platform

As a long-time multiple hat wearer I’ve had a long history with dealing with varied communities. In fact, one of the things I enjoy most about The Brothers Brick is its broad appeal and broad spectrum of interests. My view of the LEGO Ambassadors program is as a facility for communication between AFOLs and TLG and I hope to leverage my history and interests to help that communication.

Ultimately I believe that the fans’ best interests are best served by a pragmatic dialogue and I feel I am able to deliver this dialogue.

Feel free to ask the nominee questions or leave comments of support on this post, but please don’t forget to actually vote!

3 comments on “Tim Gould: LEGO Ambassadors nomination bio and platform

  1. Andrew Post author

    Moving my placeholder platform here as a testimonial for Tim:

    Although forty LEGO Ambassadors were selected last year for the 2008-2009 cycle, only a fraction truly participated regularly. Throughout the year, Tim consistently represented the interests of LEGO fans worldwide, with more than two hundred posts in the LEGO Ambassadors discussion forums. (For the record, all of the LEGO Ambassadors who are also TBB contributors were among the highly active minority.) In particular, Tim provided community feedback to LEGO about issues of concern to fans of the LEGO Trains and Town themes. Most importantly, Tim remained the voice of reason throughout discussions among LEGO Ambassadors from diverse fan communities with diverging interests.

    As a LEGO Ambassador in the 2009-2010 cycle, I’m confident Tim Gould will represent the interests not only of his “traditional” constituencies, but of The Brothers Brick readership as well.

  2. "Big Daddy" Nelson

    I will also add a brief testimonial:

    Tim Gould has served the AFOL community well as LEGO Ambassador, all while balancing his own contributions and community involvement against his role as a TBB contributor. I believe that Tim will continue to serve the interests of the LEGO fans who read and comment here on TBB, and I support him in his efforts.

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